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Before explaining what a CAC Card Reader is, I should first explain what a CAC is. CAC is short for Common Access Card. This is a type of identification distributed through america Department of Defense to particular people who require it. Those who get these cards include:

- Active Duty Military Personnel

- Reserve Military Personnel

CAC Cards

- National Guard Members

- Department of Defense Staff

- Department of Defense Contractors

This is just a brief listing of the people who are qualified to receive one of those cards. The identification is regarded as official regarding the Geneva Convention. The card is also employed to access facilities used by the military. It is also employed to access high-security webpages in the Department of Defense network. Compute access is also sometimes controlled with Common Access Cards. This identification card also holds information about an internal memory chip. This information is occasionally needed remotely, thus the necessity for a CAC Card Reader.

A CAC Card reader is actually a computer peripheral (a computer accessory) which is able to decipher the data around the Common Access Card and give it time to be utilized through the computer's user. This really is used very often when a person continues to be sent overseas where they might not have the capacity to sign onto a Department of Defense protected computer.

Can be bought at a Best Buy or similar establishment, though most of the time, these CAC Card Readers are purchased on base PX. You might need to request them and potentially show ID, preferably the Common Access Card to prove you need one. Also, they are available on the internet. The federal government will not reimburse purchases of these readers in any situation.